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Ever dreamed of flying Business Class but balked at the price? We've all been there, staring longingly as we pass those spacious seats en route to economy.

But what if I told you that turning this dream into reality could cost less than $100?

Imagine this: you're stretched out in a seat that transforms into a flat bed, sipping on a glass of champagne, miles above the clouds. That's the Business Class difference. It's more than a flight; it's a journey in itself.

Have you ever travelled business class?

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This week’s travel news recap 📰

  • Alaska Air to buy Hawaiian Airlines for $1.9 billion.

  • Royal Caribbean took ownership of the world’s biggest cruise ship, “Icon of the Seas.”

  • Holiday air travel is booming this year, experts offer tips for a better trip.

  • Airbnb released a list of Canadian holiday trends and 2024 travel predictions.

  • Hawaiian Airlines is launching a brand-new route to Honolulu from Salt Lake City.

Plus… I flew business class on the world’s BEST airline 👇

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Step-by-Step Guide to Affordable Business Class

1. The Power of Credit Card Welcome Offers 💳

Many credit cards offer substantial point bonuses as a welcome offer. These bonuses are often enough to book a Business Class seat, especially on longer flights.

For example, the American Express Platinum card gives you 100,000 points (equivalent to $2,000 in Air Canada flights @ 2.1 cents per point).

This credit card also gives you a $200 Annual Travel Credit, a $200 Annual Dining Credit, unlimited airpot lounge access, and more.

Even accounting for the annual fee, you are receiving tons of value for just signing up.

Look for a card that aligns with your preferred airline's loyalty program or offers transferable points. The goal is to accumulate points quickly and efficiently.

  • To earn these bonuses, you typically need to meet a minimum spending requirement within the first few months.

  • Plan your expenses accordingly to ensure you meet these thresholds without overspending.

  • You will also earn points even after you get the welcome bonus, further adding to your points balance.

💡 Prince of Travel has a great tool for finding the best travel credit cards.

2. Converting Welcome Bonuses into Business Class Flights 🧳 

After you’ve earned your welcome bonus, it’s time to transfer your points to an airline program — most credit cards allow you to transfer your points to various airline loyalty programs.

This flexibility can be crucial in booking Business Class flights.

For example, American Express (Canada) allows you to transfer your points to Air Canada’s loyalty program, Aeroplan.

  • After transferring your points from American Express → Aeroplan, you can book a flight directly through Aeroplan (Air Canada).

  • Different airlines have different point requirements for Business Class bookings. Be ready to compare redemption rates to get the best value for your points.


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3. The Upgrade Option 🔝


While booking directly into Business Class is ideal, sometimes using points to upgrade an existing economy ticket can also be a great option.

This can be a more attainable goal for many travelers, offering a taste of luxury without the full price tag of a Business Class ticket.

Understanding the Upgrade Process:

  • Eligibility and Requirements: Not all economy tickets are eligible for upgrades. Typically, the cheapest economy fares (like basic economy) may not qualify. It’s crucial to understand your ticket’s upgrade eligibility before purchase.

  • Point Costs for Upgrades: Upgrading to Business Class usually requires fewer points than booking a Business Class seat outright. However, the number of points needed can vary greatly depending on the airline, route, and fare class of your original ticket.

  • Tiered Loyalty Status: Higher-tier members in airline loyalty programs often get priority for upgrades. Your status could significantly influence your chances of securing that Business Class seat.

Maximizing Your Chances of an Upgrade:

  • Booking with Upgrade in Mind: Choose fares that are known to be upgrade-friendly. This might mean opting for a slightly more expensive economy ticket that’s eligible for upgrades.

  • Timing Your Request: Request an upgrade as early as possible. Some airlines allow you to bid for upgrades using points, while others operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Monitoring Flight Capacity: Keep an eye on the Business Class cabin's capacity. If there are many unsold seats close to departure, your chances of an upgrade might increase.

Plan B: When Upgrades Aren't Available:

  • Flexibility is Key: If you can't secure an upgrade on your preferred flight, be open to changing your travel dates or routes.

  • Alternative Perks: If an upgrade isn’t in the cards, consider using your points for other perks like airport lounge access or extra baggage allowance to enhance your travel experience.

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Insider Tips 🔍

📆 Flexible Dates? Consider flying during off-peak periods. Airlines are more likely to have unsold Business Class seats during these times.

🤑 Point Valuation: Not all points are created equal. Research your airline's point system to get the best upgrade value.

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